Chickie’s Thought For A Tuesday- Go Ahead And YOUTUBE!

I’d like to start by saying that Google and YouTube are awesome for certain things! BUT STOP ALREADY!!!!!! If one more person comes to me with the preconceived notion that a job can be done in a certain time frame because they googled it or watched it on youtube, PLEASE just DO IT YOURSELF!!!!

I’m not trying to be an arrogant person when I say this, I am being REAL! Please understand that not every video is done by a professional and many times things that are important are left out of technical videos. When a person brings their bike here it is for the professional ability to complete a job and keep the motorcycle running in a SAFE manner. It is very personal for us here at Vagabond to do the job and do it right with the right tools and complete thought to safety. No one ever takes into account that each scenario is different- who worked on it last? What needs to be fixed could just be a symptom of an underlying problem- We don’t like to put a band-aid on your bike and wait for the rest to break- we want to do it right and only see customers for regular service and sometimes needed repairs- Its what we do- when you take great pride in being able to do the job correctly and safely it is an insult for a person to come in and haggle a quote based on a video they watched- again who made the video? How do you know they did the job correctly and safely? What quality of parts did they use and/or specialty tools? Is your scenario the same or just similar? These things matter and it would benefit people to keep that in mind- Do you google or youtube doing your own liver transplant? No! Or maybe even repairing your eyeball? No! You seek out a professional who has a great track record and reputation! Well I can honestly say the person who works on your bike needs to be that quality technician just like the doctor- AND HEY!!!! We are all about assisting the Do It Yourselfer who comes by the shop orders parts and asks for the correct instruction to do the job- we are even available by phone if they run into a hiccup- but we always ask them to stop by after so we can just look and make sure everything is safe and they don’t get hurt!

SOOOOOOO!!!!!! That is Chickie’s Thought For  A Tuesday! Please be kind and have a great Chopper Day!




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