One Month Later…

So I can honestly say what a month its been! After Hurricane Irma things were looking pretty bleak – Its not easy getting it all moving like a well oiled machine- No kidding I think it was almost a month to the day that we actually got work in the door as everyone was getting back on track from the chaos post hurricane and their motorcycles were not the priority! Now it is Biketoberfest week and everything is running smoothly and we are excited to be getting bikes in and out once again! It is so difficult for me – The Biker Chick in me says screw it lets take what we got in our pockets ride up for a day or two and have some long time coming and well deserved fun… Then the ugh ” Responsible adult business owner says, ” Oh no stay on track focus and keep moving forward!” Where in the hell did this person come from- I’m not sure I like her at times like this- I need to put more miles on my ride- I need some fun- Biker fun – Me fun!

I didn’t win the vote – The responsible adult business owner won as more motorcycles are scheduled for quick services before they leave for the fun happening only a couple hundred miles north. UGH! F%*#K I don’t like it but OK! I just want everyone to have fun (a little extra for me plz) be safe and know we are here so if you need us- Yes we are open!!! HAVE A GREAT CHOPPER DAY! Love to all…phone pics htc evo 209


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