Fantastic Friday In The Shop…

I have to say one of my favorite days in the shop is Friday. Its a bit slow on walk ins as Don and I get to go over the past week and make our plan for the next. Most of the current work from the week has left or is awaiting pick up, so we get to work on our projects together- They are all gonna be good too! Saturdays bring an array of people and stuff to look at or do on a moments notice. Tuesdays are our Monday so its way to hectic of a whirlwind to have a FANTASTIC FLUFFY DAY! I say fluffy because the mood and atmosphere are most resembling of those big white fluffy clouds you see on a pretty day on these days I call Fantastic Friday! It feels really good to be here with my best friend doing what we love! Have a great weekend everyone, be safe and kind to one another.


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