Its All About The Motorcycle

Boy howdy have I forgotten how difficult it is to keep my composure when a customer (of the male gender) knows it all and does not want to hear technical information from the mouth of a woman…

Its really all good, my theory is that my technical experience got me to where I am today and I have been on the side of the road with others who would load a bike the minute they think its too involved. Me, I’m the Chickie that assesses the situation and gets to troubleshooting and repairing right there on the spot. (British Tim can vouch for that! -We miss ya man!!)

So its no skin off my boob if someone who in their mind knows more than me because I am a chick- Why are you here at MY shop? Oh to see a man about your issue- Too funny Don had to ask me, cause I’m the antique mechanic- and he did so right there in front of the customer- I love my life even on the difficult to deal with days! Be safe, have fun and be kind to each other.




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